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Private yacht rentals in Zakynthos

Live the bluest dream

Zakynthos makes up an idyllic combination of land and sea. On the first, an extraordinary holiday experience is guaranteed by the comforts and surroundings of the Bozonos Slow Living villa. On the latter, a private yacht rental in Zakynthos should do the trick; prepare yourselves for a watery adventure!

Liberate your senses, cross the waves and enjoy the Ionian breeze and Mediterranean sun on a ravishing sailboat or a modern speedboat. Your personal concierge will assist you in choosing the ideal yacht or boat for you, with its captain ready to sail away.

Try a cruise around the beautiful island of Zakynthos gazing at the fascinating sunset at Keri, or swimming in the turquoise waters that brush Marathonisi. Explore known and secret alcoves, discover ideal spots for fishing and visit coastal towns and villages for fresh fish and soft strolling.

Rely on the exclusive concierge of Bozonos Slow Living for the planning of your trips and sea excursions, adding so an invigorating experience to your accommodation in our beachfront villa.


Sail away to an Ionian discovery

Full of coves and narrow creeks, Zakynthos offers a variety of magnificent unspoilt shores awaiting to be uncovered. Some of the most worth-visiting spots while cruising the Ionian waters on a yacht include:

  • Blue Caves. The famous Blue Caves are located at the northern part of the island, at cape Skinari. A magical spot, where sunrays play with light and sight exploiting the reflections through the light blue waters.
  • Keri. One of the loveliest areas in Zakynthos as well. Here you will find Faros, a 9-meter lighthouse built in 1925. The spot offers amazing views to the shore and sea. A few yards away towards Keri, little bays and sea caves have yet to be fully explored, since they are only accessible by boat
  • hipwreck Beach. The famous Shipwreck (Navagio), a world-renowned landmark in Zakynthos is not to be missed. The beach is named after a shipwreck that was washed ashore in 1980. What remains of the ship has been embraced by the white sandy beach, surrounded by an awesome scene of cliffs.
  • Porto Limnionas. Another marvelous destination for exploration and privacy. Excellent for swimming, diving, underwater observation, as well as fresh fish tasting at the tavern right beyond the rocks.
  • Marathonisi. A protected national sea park, shelter for the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). Marathonisi has two wonderful beaches with white sand, light-turquoise waters and rich flora. An ideal destination for a yacht cruise.

Take advantage of our private yacht rentals and get ready to take in the immense beauty of the Ionian.




Bozonos Private Villa

After 15 years of successfully managing the multi-awarded Bozonos Luxury Villa in Akrotiri, the time has come for the family business to step one further, it was time to propose a new, more authentic experience in Zante.

We created a luxurious beach house without shouting about it.

Under the purity of the Greek light, obeying the (somewhat) raw natural beauty of the landscape, we prepared a new seaside shelter that perfectly combines luxury with ecological consciousness.

Ιn the modern era we believe that there is something more substantial behind the concept of luxury. Luxury is not only what we see. It should not only be related to something that is expensive. Luxury is an attitude, it is an experience. It's all about attention to detail. It's everything from the feel, the smell, the nutrition to the customer service. Our new home is not just about the location. We want there to be a soul inside this house that we created.

Join our fascinating journey from history to sustainability.

From the first iconic Bozonos Villa to the contemporary sustainable Bozonos Slow Living.

Together, let's raise a toast to the progress, conservation and beauty of Slow Living.

The dream continues.....

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