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Bozonos Luxury Villa Zante Zakynthos Greece

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For me, Zante is not solely an island, a place of residency and work. It is my place. My home. My root. Having lived here for many many years, all my personal, social, professional experiences have been imbued by everything that our wonderful island has to offer. Utterly refreshing air, the brightest sun in the world, the richest aromas, flora, unique fauna, crystal blue sea, delightful flavours. But also history, tradition and aesthetics.

Thus, while working with vigor and extending my experience in the hospitality sector, I sought to create something that would encapsulate all these elements, at the highest possible intensity, within the temporal constrains of the summer season. There were people who believed in my purpose and – together – with dedication, we made the dream come true; the result was Bozonos Luxury Villa. A lively residence bearing my personal touch and the mentality through which I see the concept of luxury, quality and beauty. Besides, I would not simply pitch an accommodation package, simply to any possible customer. What I am interested in is to find common ground of communication with Bozonos Villa guests, because I know this very simple thing: they will have chosen her for what she is and she will have chosen them for what they seek. I warmly welcome you, to the dream that came true!

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Dimitris Mouzakis - Bozonos Private Villa Owner


Villa in a Private Estate
Timeless Classic ....... Irresistible Freshness
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