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Car rental Bozonos luxury villas zante

Car rental in Zakynthos

Book anything from a premium convertible to an economy sedan

Rent a car in Bozonos Zante Villa

Rent a car during your stay in Zakynthos and visit the island’s marvelous beaches and amazing sights on your own terms.

From a compact car to a minivan, choose your preferred vehicle and we will make sure to have it waiting for you upon your arrival at Zakynthos international airport. Or if you are visiting with a large group of people or just wish so, we can have a luxury minivan pick you up from the airport and safely transfer you to the villa, where your rental car will be ready for your next exploration.

Car rental at Bozonos Zante Villa

Why Rent a Car through Bozonos Slow Living

A car rental in Zakynthos through Bozonos Slow Living comes with a lot of benefits for travelers, such as:

  • • A great variety to choose from: Our extensive network of partners offers a wide range of vehicles for every taste and need. From ordinary cars to luxury special vehicles with or without a chauffeur, there is something for everyone.
  • • • All in prices: The prices, available upon request, include fully comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, additional drivers, child seats and personal service.
  • • The prices, available upon request, include fully comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, additional drivers, child seats and personal service.
  • • No need for deposit: Payment to the rental company is made upon your arrival in Zakynthos (unless there are special conditions for luxury cars).
  • • No queues or long waits: All technicalities have already been sorted out before your arrival on the island. Plus, after your stay you can choose to leave the vehicle at the villa or in the airport parking.


Book in advance to guarantee availability.

Please ask for a quotation based on your preferred vehicle and time period.

Bozonos Private Villa

After 15 years of successfully managing the multi-awarded Bozonos Luxury Villa in Akrotiri, the time has come for the family business to step one further, it was time to propose a new, more authentic experience in Zante.

We created a luxurious beach house without shouting about it.

Under the purity of the Greek light, obeying the (somewhat) raw natural beauty of the landscape, we prepared a new seaside shelter that perfectly combines luxury with ecological consciousness.

Ιn the modern era we believe that there is something more substantial behind the concept of luxury. Luxury is not only what we see. It should not only be related to something that is expensive. Luxury is an attitude, it is an experience. It's all about attention to detail. It's everything from the feel, the smell, the nutrition to the customer service. Our new home is not just about the location. We want there to be a soul inside this house that we created.

Join our fascinating journey from history to sustainability.

From the first iconic Bozonos Villa to the contemporary sustainable Bozonos Slow Living.

Together, let's raise a toast to the progress, conservation and beauty of Slow Living.

The dream continues.....

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29100 Zakynthos Zante Greece

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We guarantee that by booking via the official website of Bozonos Luxury Villa you are getting the lowest possible price for your stay.

In the rare case that you find our villa online at a lower rate, we would be glad to match that rate it if you contact us within 24 hours of placing your booking.

Please note:

The lower price must be bookable online and must be still available when we check, provided that there is a perfect match on the: