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In-villa dining

Private Chef at Villa Bozonos

Dining in Bozonos Zante Villa

An integral part of getting acquainted with a place’s culture, gastronomy plays a leading role for every traveler seeking to dive deep into the traditions of each destination. Besides, mouthwatering food and refined wine are essential ingredients for a successful holiday. And private in-villa dining in Zante can only top up the experience.

Imagine lounging on the veranda or the garden of our private villa in Zante watching the sunset, as an expert chef serves up a selection of sumptuous gourmet dishes!

Picture summer breezes from a profusion of colorful flowers soothing your soul as you savor the exciting flavors of the Greek cuisine.

Envision tasting the best local recipes prepared with the finest ingredients in the comfort of your own beachfront home in Zante.

And then make your culinary dreams come true with a visit at Villa Bozonos.

Private chef in Bozonos Zante Villa

Authentic Greek-Mediterranean Cuisine on your plate

Dine in the privacy and comfort of villa Bozonos next to the shimmering crystal blue of the pool waters and surrounding gardens, with our selection of Greek - Mediterranean cuisine available by our private chef.

Our chef and his team are always on hand to prepare your meals using only the very finest products sourced from a network of local providers. Our close cooperation with select local farmers and fishermen guarantees the quality and freshness of our ingredients and allows us to highlight the culinary tastes and traditions of Zante.

Our kitchen is supplied with the freshest products on a daily basis to make sure that we offer you only the best organic, local and seasonal produce. All the local fruits, herbs and vegetables which flourish in the fertile land of Zakynthos are combined in ingenious ways to enrich the private dining dishes and desserts.

The extra-virgin olive oil, flavorful cheese and fresh, free-range meat also come straight from local villages, so that your in-villa dining in Zante is as authentic as can be.

Dining in Bozonos Zante Villa

A wholesome in-villa dining experience

With an immense view of the Ionian Sea, our impressive alfresco dining areas offer undisturbed privacy and make for a perfect spot to feast upon delicious meals that have been specifically prepared for you.

But to truly enter the Mediterranean spirit, we recommend you ask for your lunch or dinner to be served in the garden, under a covered pergola made of vine leaves, a most atmospheric place for a genuine local meal.

Our chef and his team will be happy to provide you with a wholesome in-villa dining experience, from preparing as many meals as you’d like to serving you at your favorite spot in the villa and clearing the table after you have fully enjoyed your meal. And of course, specialty vegetarian and vegan menu as well as special dishes following specific nutritional requirements are available on request.

Our in-villa dining service not only frees up your time for your favorite holiday activities but also gives you mouthwatering insights into Zakynthian gastronomic traditions.*

Private chef in Bozonos Zante Villa

A treasured breakfast in Zante

Enjoy one of the most treasured moments of the day at one of the most treasured villas in Zante.

At Villa Bozonos, we aspire to offer you a fresh and relaxed start of the day with an energizing breakfast under a shady pergola made of vine leaves overlooking the lush garden.

Choose among Greek Breakfast to wake up with a touch of Greece on your plate, Continental Breakfast to enjoy some homemade pastries or Cooked Breakfast with eggs, bacon and sausage cooked according to your wishes.*

Dining in Bozonos Zante Villa


For those of you who wish for exclusive privacy, our Breakfast catering service ensures that you enjoy a fulfilling handmade breakfast without our team being present in the villa.

Choose between Greek and Continental breakfast and our chef will prepare it for you at his professional kitchen and have it delivered to you at the time of your preference in special eco boxes.*

* Please ask for a quotation for your preferred service and time period.

Bozonos Private Villa

After 15 years of successfully managing the multi-awarded Bozonos Luxury Villa in Akrotiri, the time has come for the family business to step one further, it was time to propose a new, more authentic experience in Zante.

We created a luxurious beach house without shouting about it.

Under the purity of the Greek light, obeying the (somewhat) raw natural beauty of the landscape, we prepared a new seaside shelter that perfectly combines luxury with ecological consciousness.

Ιn the modern era we believe that there is something more substantial behind the concept of luxury. Luxury is not only what we see. It should not only be related to something that is expensive. Luxury is an attitude, it is an experience. It's all about attention to detail. It's everything from the feel, the smell, the nutrition to the customer service. Our new home is not just about the location. We want there to be a soul inside this house that we created.

Join our fascinating journey from history to sustainability.

From the first iconic Bozonos Villa to the contemporary sustainable Bozonos Slow Living.

Together, let's raise a toast to the progress, conservation and beauty of Slow Living.

The dream continues.....

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