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Exclusive Concierge

It’s taken care of…

When you book in Award-winning Villa Bozonos, you’ll also have access to a dedicated concierge service. It means we can create a bespoke itinerary of experiences for you to look forward to and indulge a whim or two once you’ve arrived.

Our Concierge team will contact you to carefully prepare your stay in Zakynthos.

Our specialised staff is available to plan your holidays according to your exact needs and desires. Our concierge will organise all transportation and activities and will be available on a daily basis 24h a day. In short, we will book, reserve, hire and arrange on your behalf to create a holiday that’s uniquely your own.

From the mundane (book a table in a restaurant, car hire) to the sublime (private chef, spa treatments, a speed boat, sports car or yacht) we have put personalised service at the heart of our exclusive experiences.

Multiple sevices

Feel free to browse through the almost infinite specialised services and facilities that our concierge can arrange for you.

Vehicle rentals | Air transfer | Chauffeurs | Private jet and helicopter transfers | Yacht and boat charters | Private Chef and cooking for any diet | Pre-arrival shopping services | Food & delicacies orders | Wine orders | Child care | Animators for children entertainment | Cultural visits | Excursions |Massage and beauty treatments | Personal trainers | Yoga classes | Private security services | Restaurant reservations | Event hosting & management | Private tutors | water sport sessions | Cleaning services |

Our ultimate goal is to deliver an outstanding holiday experience that you will remember year after year, season after season, when the time comes for another experience in Villa Bozonos




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