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Private Yacht

Live The Dream…

Land and sea. On the first, an extraordinary holiday experience is guaranteed by the comforts and surroundings of Bozonos Luxury Villa. On the latter, one of the available private yachts should do the trick; prepare for a watery adventure!

Liberate your senses, cross the waves and enjoy the Ionian breeze and Mediterranean sun on a ravishing sailboat or a modern speedboat. Your personal concierge will assist you in choosing the ideal yacht or boat for you, with its captain ready to take off.

Try a cruise around the beautiful island of Zakynthos gazing at the fascinating sunset at Keri, or swimming in the turquoise waters that brush Marathonisi. Explore known and secret alcoves, discover ideal spots for fishing and visit coastal towns and villages for fresh fish and soft strolling.

Rely on the exclusive concierge of Bozonos Villa for the planning of your trips and sea excursions, adding so an invigorating experience to your accommodation in the villa.


Escape suggestions

Zakynthos is full of coves and narrow creeks, unspoilt shores that await for you to uncover. Meanwhile, we are happy to suggest a few wonderful destinations you can include in your navigation route:

  • Blue Caves. The famous Blue Caves are located at the northern part of the island, at cape Skinari. A magical spot, where sunrays play with light and sight exploiting the reflections through the light blue waters.
  • Laganas bay. A popular and lively destination for night life, dancing and fun.
  • Keri. One of the loveliest areas of Zakynthos as well. Here you will find Faros, the 1925 built, 9 meter lighthouse; the spot offers amazing view to the shore and sea. A few yards away towards Keri, little bays and sea caves have yet to be fully explored, since they are only accessible by boat.
  • The Shipwreck. The famous Shipwreck (Navagio), a landmark of Zakynthos, where 30 or more years a boat recourse due to mechanical failure. What remains of the ship has been embraced by the white sandy beach, surrounded by an awesome scene of cliffs.
  • Limnionas. Another marvelous destination for exploration and privacy. Excellent for swimming, diving, underwater observation, as well as fresh fish tasting at the tavern right beyond the rocks.
  • Marathonisi; a protected national sea park, shelter for the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). Marathonisi has two wonderful beaches with white sand and light-turquoise waters and rich flora. An ideal destination for your cruises on one of our private yachts.




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